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Whether you are looking for a branding solution as you launch your business or if you are looking for a branding face lift, hunnedesigns has you covered. From custom logos & marks to complete branding books we can provide your business with all of your branding needs.

There is a wonderful tactile experience with any kind of print design that is simply, unbeatable. Is your business running a newspaper ad? Sending out a mailer for a new promotion? Need new “thank you” letters for your clients? We have the experience you need for all your print design.

We have what you need to get your business online. We offer WordPress template based website packages to help your business get online. All of our sites are mobile friendly. We offer 30 day support and we offer training if you are looking for a budget friendly way to maintain your website.

From time to time we dabble in other projects outside the business realm, we love designing invitations, beverage coasters, decal images for your home. There are so many outlets for design and while we may not have tried them all, we love any opportunity that allows us to put our creativity to work.

” I’ve always been excited by graphic design. I love finding new sources of inspiration and working on new and different projects. The amazing thing about this field is that it’s always growing and changing. There is so much room for creativity. Being a designer is a career of passion and art. I honestly love my work.”

Sara Hunnewell, Owner & Lead Designer

Custom designs & illustrations.
Have you ever wondered why some logos look the same? Inexperienced designers and business owners often use stock vectors to supplement their designs for logos, business cards, basically anything. We build ours from scratch and take a great deal of pride in that. We also have a number of illustrators and artists we work with to provide ample design diversity. Our designs are a culmination of your ideas, our designer’s and a great deal of creativity.

We do the research.
What is your competition doing? How can we do better? What opportunities do we have to separate your business from thousands of others? We find those opportunities and take them. We can’t find those opportunities if we don’t know who your competition is. So we find them. We look at what they are doing and really dig in to how we can do better, how we can make you stand out.

We have the experience.
If you don’t know the trends, you can’t exploit them (and yes, we do love to go outside of the box). Our years of experience in graphic design and our ridiculous obsession with always learning the “next thing,” is experience and knowledge we bring to the table for every design. We’ve got a full portfolio we’d love you to check out. Logos, business cards, all sorts of goodies and we encourage you to read our testimonials

These things take more time and effort but we know it’s worth it and we think you will too.