10 Wedding Invitation Elements we Love.

There is SO much to love about wedding invitations and stationary!

Every day I’m adding an extra wedding to this year’s calendar it seems so I’ve decided to highlight a few options that can be incredibly fun and a little unexpected. See below for 10 wedding invitation elements I can’t seem to get enough of! Be sure to click the photo for the Pinterest link for more information (where available).

  1. Vellum: Oh yes, like frosted glass vellum is a wonderful paper. You can allow text to stand out from paper, allow a photo, graphic or illustration to shine through. Either way there are a lot of fun things you can do with a vellum paper you might never have considered. Here are just a few examples I loved.
     vellum2 vellum3
  2. Laser Print Cutting: Die cut or laser cut printing can range from delicately floral envelopes to as you see below, some pretty outstanding and unusual invitations. Since many laser printers can print in wood, sheet metals and cardboard you and a designer can get pretty creative. Make a tree ornament for a December wedding or a puzzle invite to piece together. Feel free to get creative if you are choosing something like laser cut printing. Keep in mind, the more intricate the shapes the longer it takes the printer. Usually these “printers,” charge by the minute! (and THATS why I’ve been saving to buy one myself.)
    lasercut1 lasercut2 lasercut3
  3. Thermography: Stand out. Literally. The process of printing using thermography gives you type you can feel. While this kind of printing can be expensive it’s so luxurious and always timeless. Thermography will always be one of this designers all time favorite print techniques.
    therm1 therm2
  4. Nifty Enclosures/ Envelopes: These are always some of my favorites. Envelopes and enclosures can be a real opportunity to use something unusual and different. Below are a few examples that I absolutely adore. Circular invitations and a narrow magazine style program are among some of the coolest I’ve seen in a long time.
    enclosure1 enclosure2 enclosure3 enclosure4
  5. Original Shapes/ Arrangements:  I think you’ll love these almost as much as I do. There are a ton of options for shapes and arrangements. Some of them may complicate printing, others may reduce paper costs, whatever way these make for some really stellar pieces. These invitations are basically works of art.
    unusual1 unusual Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 4.27.00 PM
  6. Envelope Liners: We love the customization envelope liners. You can buy them for standard size envelopes or make them yourself from well… anything. From city scenes to graphic backgrounds and beyond. These are just a quick “peekaboo,” moment that stand out on any wedding invitation.
  7. Making old new: Oh bring on the Art Deco! While we see many different styles come back around, seeing all the new art deco inspired pieces is glorious. They scream luxury and really do make for some beautifully intricate pieces.
    deco2 deco3 deco 4
  8. It’s not just paper anymore: With so many new ways of printing, embossing and beyond it opens many avenues to stationary. Below you’ll see many invitations made out of just about anything from fabric, copper, leather and beyond. We love these custom bits and they really stand out.
    texture 1 testure 2 texture2 texture3
  9. Custom painted & illustrated: It’s almost impossible to get more custom than illustrations and paintings made just for you. Some of these reflect the couple, some of these reflect the location of the wedding but no matter what image these are capturing these artists bring stationary to life.
    painted1 painted2 Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 8.10.44 AM
  10. Inside the box: yes. inside an actual box. We love these darling invitations. Almost as good as getting a Christmas gift in the mail. These designers (and bride & grooms) got their invites inside a box to get out of it.
    Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 8.17.56 AM boxed1boxed2 boxed3 boxed4

We are always looking for new trends and new inspiration so if you’ve recently been shopping for or found some pretty awesome invitations feel welcome to share with us!

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