5 Reasons Business Cards Still Matter.

You rarely remember to bring your business cards, or when you do they just wind up collecting dust in your wallet.

It’s easy to believe that business cards don’t matter anymore. In the digital world, getting your business name listed online and utilizing other ways of getting your contact information out into the world can be faster, less wasteful and certainly efficient.

but I’m going to stop there. business cards still have an important roll to play and we need to bring back the personal touch that is the business card. These are my reasons for making sure I carry and regularly update my business cards.

  1. You never know when or where you might meet someone who needs a service.
    You struck up a conversation when you went to grab your coffee and just happened to run into someone who was talking about needing a new massage therapist. You just so happen to be the best in the area… by carrying a business card the conversation can turn into a sale. You never know when the opportunity will strike but you should be prepared for when it does.
  2. For certain industries it can be literal proof of your acumen. Are you a photographer? an event planner? Business cards can literally be proof of the awesome things you can do. Pick a photo of your best work to feature on the back of your card! It’s a small window where you can showcase your awesome-ness.
  3. Proof that you are prepared. Being ever-business-ready shows how much you care to any possible future clientele. People want to know that you are prepared, even with the small things and business cards are just one way to show it.
  4. Special business cards stand out -and can get shared. I remember the first time I saw a tax preparer’s business card on a “dollar bill,” these things are a dime a dozen now but ten years ago it really made an impression and I had to show it around. I even wound up keeping it my wallet for years. Having a business card that stands out from the competition, especially in a creative field, can make all the difference in generating a sale.
  5. It all comes down to building a brand. Brand identity is key for any business. It’s important for your brand to be spread and recognizable. Pass these babies around to people and over time brand recognition will follow.

The business card is the oldest form of direct marketing out there and it still works. If you meet a contact and swap cards you are more likely to contact them when you need their services. If you have one that stands out… when they need your service they’ll remember it and then go digging around for “that business card with the…” It’s vitally important to make business personal and to have a vested interest in your client (possible future client) and by getting to know them, shaking their hand and making real contact first -you can generate leads that matter.

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