About Us


Hunnedesigns is a home grown, family run business that specializes in bringing creativity to everyone for excellent value. Hunnedesigns started in a modest town home in Norcross Georgia when Sara Hunnewell finally decided to use her experience and education in design and put it to work. With the support of her husband, she finally took the steps to leave a life in the restaurant industry where she was unable to utilize these skills and creativity. Having the support and encouragement of friends and family made taking this step possible.

While Hunnedesigns was launching Sara worked hard as a designer and lead project manager for RAZREYE, a marketing and design firm gaining professional experience and learning the ins & outs of how to build and run a small and successful firm.

Hunnedesigns puts people and creativity above all. Sending out work to be proud of to people who need it and deserve to have something they love. We don’t take on every project that comes our way. We have our own design aesthetic and we want to be the right fit for our clients. By really evaluating potential client’s needs, we know if we are the best firm to help them and sometimes we are the perfect fit. (by the way, if you’re looking for design work, need some photos done, that kind of thing please check out our portfolio! If you like what you see and you think our aesthetic could work for you, please contact us to find out how we can help!)

In choosing Hunnedesigns every client gets direct contact and no run arounds. No need to make lots of calls, break down doors to get your ads done on time. One phone number, one point-of-contact, one email. You and your business get specialized attention.