Affordable Logos & Branding for Budget Savvy Businesses.

We all want that perfect, custom logo for our business. We can’t all afford the luxury of paying for that painstaking process. We’ve found a way to bridge the gap and make it affordable.

While our package prices are extremely competitive we understand that there are a lot of new and small businesses out there that just don’t have a high budget. Hunnedesigns has found a way to get some of these businesses an affordable option. Whenever hunnedesigns undertakes a new custom logo or branding project it takes a lot of versions (usually about 8-10) before it evolves into the “path,” the client and I were looking for in the final product. That means there are a lot of unchosen logos.

-for any one project there anywhere from 7-9 logos that will never get picked. 

Sometimes I absolutely love a logo that has been thrown away and I hate to see them go “unchosen,” like the kid who didn’t get picked for a team during kickball.

I realized a few months ago that I was getting a build up of them. I didn’t have the heart to throw them out but I also really wasn’t sure what to do with them. They all took a lot of time and love to create and I knew that although they may not have been right for the original business they were designed for… They could possibly work for someone else. This is how I came up with the Opara package. I add these unselected logos to a library in my portfolio and give the client about an hour of revisions to make it their own.

I wanted to try it, see if this could be a good money saving option for the right client.

Today was a pretty big test. I have a client that I’ve been getting in contact with and getting some information from for a while. She sent me a photo of her current logo which she made herself and doesn’t like very much and we just talked (typed really). Talked about things she likes, doesn’t like. What kind of audience she’s looking at… and so on. I got to know more about her previous logo, why she made choices she did, what the company name meant to her. and then down to brass tacks.

Which package was she looking at?
I think her wallet was saying “Opara package,” and her brain was screaming “sagmeister package,” who doesn’t like the 100% built-for-you kind of thing? So she asked if she thought there was one I had already that I thought might work well. (man, I love it when people ask for my “designer,” opinion.) and after looking through some past work… I realized I had something. It was this one.


I offered it to her but I knew we could make changes that would really make it her own. What I wasn’t so very sure of is how long it would take. If it went over that hour in customizing… than going forward I might need to readjust my pricing. Since this was basically the first of this package I have sold, I figured I should just dive in. See, when I made this package I really thought that that hour would probably only cover some name, font and color changes, not a stylized change, but this particular logo would definitely require a style change. So I clocked it all. (Thanks timecamp, by the way.) and 49 minutes & several drafts later I had this:

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 3.44.34 PM

If felt to me as though the logo was always meant to look this way. I mean, really I like it 1,000x better than the original. It was definitely more customizing than I had anticipated for the package but if fell well within the 1 hour time frame. Which meant it was still a great custom deal for the client and a good deal for me. I like seeing a logo get a new breath of fresh air and I wanted to show potential clients that choosing the Opara package doesn’t mean you have to give up customization and a fresh perspective. You can have what is best for your wallet and also what is best for your business at the same time.

fun fact… all my branding packages are named after my favorite designers.

So while I don’t think the Opara package is perfect for everyone -there is a $70.00 difference between the next-up package, the Sagmeister. It can really save a new business or a growing business good money and still give the client something completely custom.


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