For the love of logos!

Hunnedesigns has a wide variety of branding packages built to provide options based on the needs of our clients. Our packages are listed below but if you need a little less, a little more or a little more custom -please don't hesitate to contact us below to...

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$90 The Opara

Hunnedesigns has a small library of logos already created that are great but that a previous client never selected. It’s a great opportunity for the budget savvy to save a little money and get a logo that is still perfect & custom. This package also includes 1 hour of revision & customization to make the logo your own.

 $160 The Sagmeister

This package is perfect for clients who really know what they are looking for. This package includes 1 round of logos (8 custom designs) based on the clients ideas as well as the designers. This package also includes 1 hour of additional revisions to perfect your custom logo design.

 $230 The Kidd

We’ve created this bundle for clients who want to explore more. See more options. This package includes 2 rounds of logos (8 custom logos each). It also includes 1 hour of revisions for final any of those final tweaks to logo perfection.

 $330 The Scher

This package gives the most possible logo options. 3 rounds of logos (8 each) will give you the absolute most in terms of custom logo options. This package also comes with up to 6 hours of revisions, to ensure every last sarif is just how you want it.

 $530 The Bierut

This package builds off of the Scher package with 3 rounds of logo designs. It also includes a mini branding book. Now this mini includes a banner/ profile photo designs for any two social media accounts. Business card design. Mailer blast design. 2 google ad designs (set to fit any 2 standard google ad sizes). A poster or tshirt design.

 custom The Vignelli

Need to add or subtract from one of our other packages? Not seeing exactly what you need? Are you interested in a complete branding book? (these vary by company depending on the scope of work.) Contact us now to get custom pricing on branding and complete branding books. Mention NBS to receive an exclusive discount.

All of our branding & graphics come with CMYK & grayscale versions in .jpg .eps .png .pdf .ai and .psd files for use in print, digital or editing. This is to give our clients the highest usability rate possible in any and all branding opportunities.

For branding & graphics that use one of our select freelance artists illustrations or outside artwork, commercial licensing is provided.

What is a branding book? Find out all about our branding books and how it can galvanize any marketing strategy here.

“It’s more than just knowing what you create is great and a perfect addition to a business. Hunnedesigns builds referrals through quality and value. It matters. In a lot of ways, it matters most.”

Sara Hunnewell, Owner & Lead Designer