Design is Just Plain Fun; Wrapping Paper Project.

When Fun Design Reminds us that Design is for Everyone.

Every once in a while I decide to take on a little side project for no other reason than because I can, because it’s fun and sometimes because I know someone will really appreciate it. This little side project is wrapping paper.

Last weekend we were about to wrap a gift for a friend when I decided to take the opportunity to make him a wrapping paper. Originally I was planning on just doing a doodle on paper but for some reason when I was faced with the pencil I just wasn’t feeling it. -so… Adobe Illustrator that I am I decided to whip up his face with some of his favorite stuff and make him something really fun to wrap his gift in. He works for Coke and loves poker night… so this was right up his ally.

Turned out to be crazy successful. He didn’t even want to unwrap the gift. I’ve never seen someone treat wrapping paper so carefully. His mom and dad were super excited to see his face too. Pretty sure that paper is going to go into a picture frame or something.

I’m writing this┬ánot just to brag, which of course is part of the reason- but also to demonstrate how often we are faced with design and how many opportunities we have to make it personal. Even if you go to the store to carefully choose a wrapping paper, someone designed it and you chose it for a reason. Everyday people get to experience design in so many ways. We are regularly confronted with it, often when we don’t even realize it. It’s fun things like this that remind us just how big of a part design plays in our day to day lives.


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