7 Design-y, Artistic & Special Mothers day gifts on ETSY.

Graphic designers have moms too!

I’ve been shopping for the amazing moms in my life and I keep running into things that are great. Not all of them are right for everyone but they do tip the scales. This year, instead of flowers… maybe something really special. Here are a few of the things I ran across today.

1. Custom Jewelry


So customized jewelry isn’t necessarily “original,” but a design like this (don’t you love that rose gold plated necklace?) is made by a small business owner and is a minimalist take on a special piece for the mom or grandma you love. You can find out more about this pretty piece here.

2. Get Witty with Wine


Hope you can read this matched set “Apple” and “tree,” glasses. If you enjoy having a relaxing glass of wine with your mom every once in a while this may be just the right gift for you. They are just a little funny and really kind of an awesome stemless glass to boot. Find out more about how to purchase this item here.

3. New Mom Awesomeness

gift 3

Yeah, I know. Mom t-shirts. Not unheard of. But look at these! These matching mama bear, baby bear shirts are not just adorable but also have a very cool minimalist fun look. Find out more about where you can purchase this for the new mom in your life here.

4. Non-Lame, Super Cool & Very Pretty Soap


This stuff looks like marble. I mean, literally looks like marble. As with many homemade soaps, they come in a variety of colors, scents and really make for a relaxing bath. Way cooler than grocery store soap and definitely more thought out. If you know your mom prefers a spicy scented perfume, a flowery one… let that be your guide as you pick one. Want to find out more about this featured seller, click here.

5. Speaking of Relaxation… Max it out with Lavender.


Lavender candles, lavender pillow spray… Help the mom who loves lavender and could really enjoy some extra awesome rest with something like this Lavender eye pillow. Plus, look how pretty this one is. I love the soft color, the rustic label. It just screams hand made and well thought out. Find out where you can get this eye pillow here.

6. Make Mom Massive Flowers


Yeah, I know it’s easier to call up and order some roses for delivery but how cool are these? Can’t really tell you how mom will use these giant flowers (maybe she’ll hang them on the wall, maybe she’ll put them on the table as a centerpiece for the day…) but they are really super awesome and since you have to put them together on your own… I feel like it makes massive flowers a massively awesome gift idea for the right mom. You can find out how to purchase DIY instructions here.

7. Brighten Her Day with Original Art


Really. Find her something she’ll absolutely love that will make her feel happy and special. Does she live by the beach? Maybe a sunset over the water. Have a favorite pet? Maybe a custom painting. Original art is always awesome. Find out where to get this piece here.

Let’s face it, moms are as awesome as they are varied. Creative, design-y things can be amazingly original, custom and fun for gifts for mom. Have you found something awesome and out of the box for mom? Let us know.

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