We provide a wide range of services for your branding needs. If you just need a logo or if you are looking for a package of multiple items, we’ve got you covered. To learn more about all the branding packages we offer click here.

Logo Design.
Our logo design projects include three rounds of revisions -taking your ideas and our designer’s experience to make you and your business a logo you’ll love.

Business Card Design.
Our  business card design projects include three rounds of revisions ensuring that the card you are passing out lets everyone know what you and your business are all about!

Branding Book.
Our signature branding book gives you everything you could possibly need for media. With a library of custom made graphics you can use on virtually anything from website design, your social media accounts and advertising, this book is designed just for your company. Branding books are a great way for a growing company to ensure that all of their branding is cohesive and easily identified. Find out more about our branding books and how they work here.

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Print Design


A majority of our work is digital design, from social media banners to logos and websites but there is still a very real need for print design and it’s important to stand out as a business.

Flyers, Leaflettes, Brochures.
Passing out menus for your restaurant? Need some eye catching hand outs for your trade show? Whatever your design needs may be we have you covered.

Banners & Billboards.
We’ve done a good deal of work with large scale print design. If you need a new banner for your business or are looking to do billboard advertising we can handle all of your large scale design needs here at hunnedo.

Print design can be so much more than paper! Are you looking for a design for merchandise? Need some custom coasters for your bar? Looking to put more than just your logo on a tshirt? We’ve got the experience you need to design for nearly any kind of print.

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Website Design


We keep it simple so you can get live affordably. These days websites are more than just an online brochure, they are a way to connect your audience to your service or product and we have the skills you need to get up and running with a mobile responsive WordPress website.

Website Design.
For most small businesses a three or four page website is all you need to get the word out there, if you are looking for something simple, beautiful and affordable look no further! Is your website out of date and in dire need of an updated look? We’ve got the design experience that can help bring you to 2015 and beyond. Need your website to simply “do more?” contact us now for a quote!

We help you keep costs low by offering all website clients free one on one training. By teaching you how to manage your website, your online store and how to make basic updates, add to your blog we help put the tools in your hands. This can save you money and help keep your new website consistently updated.

All of our websites ┬ácome with 30 days of free support. Did you click the wrong button? Don’t know what happened? We are here for you.

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Design can be used outside of business and marketing. It’s all around us. That wedding invitation on your fridge, the decal on your wall. We have experience in doing book covers, posters, invitations and a varied portfolio. Find out how we can help you with all your design needs.

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