Is it Time to Update your Logo? Tips on how to know when, why & how.


Recently Google launched their new logo.

The iconic “Google” logo & typesetting has been used (and minimally revised) since it’s release in 1998. Why would they want to do an over haul? And how might this change the way you should look at your own logo or branding?

Why they might have changed.

Brand evolution. Google has changed over the years, as their technology, business model and audience grows and changes so has their logo. Since 98 there have been no fewer than 6 revisions to their original logo, although there is reason to believe there have been quite a few more. The new font and flat design still reflect google using the same joyful colors but modernizing it to better reflect their parent company and the modern design of our times. It maintains it’s identity while evolving.

To Stand Out. Do you remember when Google had an exclamation mark at the end? They took it out in ’99 in order to better distinguish if from Yahoo! -and it worked. It’s important, even for established brands to make sure their brand and identity doesn’t melt into the woodwork. It needs to stand out and say important things to an audience like “loyalty, fun, trust, clean, growth…” whatever you business is currently focused on is what your logo should reflect and it should do so innovative way to stand out from competitors.

Trust. Brands and maintaining a growing brand identity is incredibly important. When an audience sees a poorly designed logo or even an outdated logo, what do they think? They won’t invest in necessities. They are not willing to evolve. They are as outdated as the logo they use. It’s important to reflect the growth and changes of a business in a logo. This is what customers new and old will see first and it’s the most important thing you can do to maintain a growing clientele.

So these are just three reasons on the “why,” of updating a logo or brand and why google may have taken the steps they did (and many other companies like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Monsanto, Heinz… these are all established brands that have evolved to suit new generations) and the same reasons they have had for making a change are reasons you should think about evolving your brand as well.

Follow your intuition. If you suspect your brand or logo may feel out of date -it probably is.

So when should you take this step? It’s not a perfect science, knowing when to make the leap to a logo update or redesign but there are a few key things to look out for and any one of these might mean it’s time to think about a face lift.

Stunted Growth. So maybe your business is running fine. You have loyal customers, word of mouth recommendations and a little advertising is keeping you on track but not pushing forward. If you’ve noticed a lack of incoming customers or clients it may in some part be the brand. Even word of mouth will only take you so far. You want to keep the business looking professional and up to date. Is your business growing and changing to adapt to the market? Have you taken classes to make sure you are offering clients the most up to date information? Well all of that should be reflected in your logo and if it isn’t… It may be time to consider a redesign.

Outdated Appearance. Does your logo have the same aesthetic appeal as a neon jacket with shoulder pads? We know outdated when we see it, bell bottom pants with sequins, furniture from the 80’s even that rat tail hair cut. So follow your intuition. If you suspect your brand or logo may be out of date, it probably is. You want to stay competitive in your market and to do so your company needs to look competitive too. New clients may actually choose an inferior product based just on branding. I know -crazy right?! Well there have been studies about such things. Crappy wines with great bottling design have been known to sell 3x better than competitors with a better wine in a poorly branded bottle. This kind of thing happens across the board in many different products and sectors so pay attention! If there is even a chance that your older logo may not impress on a first look (sometimes, that’s all you get) consider an update.

A logo is a quick snap shot, an instantaneous opportunity to express what you do and who you are.

Your Business has Changed, Your Logo Hasn’t. Logos should always reflect your business. What you do, what you sell, what the priorities are. If you are a pool company offering the most innovative systems and designs but your logo is doesn’t reflect that, how will you sell the latest and greatest stuff? If you are a charity for children’s clothing that has recently expanded to include clothing for adults, will you be able to inform your new clients that they can get clothing there too with your child-friendly logo? Are you an independant realtor that has grown from home-town to expand to downtown lofts too? Well your logo reflects your business. Where it has been, to where it is and even to some degree, where you want to go. A logo is a quick snap shot, an instantaneous opportunity to express what you do and who you are. It’s important to keep that snap shot reflecting the values of the business.

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